Welcome to BGeology 3D, a site designed by our interdisciplinary research group in Geology, Computer Science, and Psychology to provide teaching tools in the geological sciences by providing topographic map tools. This site contains the tools that were developed in the first NSF CCLI sponsored project, Empowering Student Learning in the Geologic Sciences with Three Dimensional Interactive Animation and Low Cost Virtual Reality (NSF 05-36739). The most recent project is Improving Students' Visual Penetration Ability and Substrata Visualization in the Geologic Sciences with 3D Interactive Animation (NSF 0837626). In addition we have a number of projects looking at the interplay of object recognition, mental rotation, spatial cognition and virtual environments. To see a demonstration of our software involving extraction of major axes

An argument for the re-examination of early perceptual work with computers: Evidence from an extended replication of Shiffrar and Shepard [1991]
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Project Overview

This project is developed by an interdisciplinary group of faculty from Bowling Green State University.

The primary goal of the first project is to develop, explore, and evaluate the usefulness of interactive three-dimensional models (3DIA) in college-level geology education. The primary goal of the second project is to improve students' visual pentration ability and substrata visualization in the geologic sciences with 3D animation. In addition, our group has a number of projects exploring factors that influence object perception and mental rotation in virtual environments. Read more about our Topographic Map project

Getting Started

This site is intended primarily for educators and their students.

Use the navigation to the left to find out more about the project, use the topographic map teaching tools developed by IRPGC, use the structural geology tutorials, or veiw documents concerning the project.

Questions: Contact Dr. Laura Leventhal

Site Specifications

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